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The GitHub Package

 A couple of weeks ago, I applied for a student pack on GitHub and I just got a confirmation e-mail accepting my app. And boy, it's so good. I got a huge number of benefits such as a couple of free domain names from different companies, GitHub pro account and many others. I plan to make use of as many as possible, but I am not quite sure if all those are useful to me. Anyway, if you're a currently enrolled student, check out student pack of GitHub. It's just awesome. Peace. ~Puneeth.

Gotta get bak on track

 Been avoiding GATE prep for a while and I hate myself for that. Gotta get back on track from tomorrow at least. Found out that CMI is one of the best institutes in India for theoretical computer science (which I totally love) and it highly underrated. Saw the entrance test paper and I feel like I could crack it with a bit of prep. So, yay me! Another college that I think I could get into. Wish I could post here more often, but my college's online curriculum is hogging up all of my time. Anyways, I'll try to write more from now on. Also started solving coding challenges from AlgoExpert and so far, my opinion on the service is so good. Let's see if it stays the same. Until next time ~Puneeth